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Bart, Annick and the two kids, Kobe and Rune representing the kennel "Flaxblossoms . "Flaxblossoms" is a small kennel with the only breed the "Border Collie", where quality counts above quantity. Years ago we lost our hearts to this beautiful and versatile breed.

The kennel Flaxblossoms is located in the region of Kortrijk, Belgium. This region is historically well-known for the cultivation and the processing of flax. For this reason the kennel is called to the splendid blossoms of the flax.

Bart started in 1997 with border collies. He practiced with his dogs several disciplines with the main accents in show and herding. Genetics is his field of interest. He graduated in 2009 the certificate for breeding LOSH dogs. In 2014 he was appointed as FCI judge. He's judging the Border Collie, the Bearded Collie and the Old English Sheepdog. He is a member of the Science Committee KKUSH, President of the Breeding committee BBCC , Vice President and instructor of the Canine Society "Die Scone" and organizer of the Border Collie Breedspecial BBCC. He shows dogs and he's practising herding on a recreational level.

Annick originally started with dogs from the working line. She practiced for years at the Agility competition and she was for many years an instructor in agility in the Belgian Border Collie Club. Over the years, she obtained several diplomas such as Agility Instructor , Basic Ethology dog , Canine instructor, groomer and Bach Flower therapist for animals. Meanwhile, she also works with dogs from showeline and she focuses on training our own dogs for show and herding and caring for and socializing the puppies .

The kids , Kobe and Rune would like in the future be active in Junior Handling . Currently, dogs are especially their playmates . Our dogs really love the children and also the puppies are raised in their company.

"Flaxblossoms" is established according to the official rules of the Royal Institute of Sint-Hubertus and the FCI. We comply with the legal requirements as stipulated in the Ministerial Decree dated 03.03.2015 implementing the Breeding Decree of 03.19.2015 regarding the breeding of dogs.

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Bart en Annick Vandaele - Campenaerts
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