Our dogs

Our dogs are tested for hip dysplasia. Only the dogs with an A and B, assessed by the Commission of Skeletal disorders, are retained for breeding. Further they undergo an annual eye examination. Phenotypically they are declared free by a licensed, ECVO veterinarian of PRA , Cataract , glaucoma.

Our dogs are DNA tested and free of the following breed-typical genetic disorders ; Collie Eye Anomaly , Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis and Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome .

Our breeding-program is focussed on health, temperament and beauty with the purpose to breed Border Collie who are physically and mentally in perfect balance. Our dogs meet the breed standard ; FCI nr 297 and have a stable, child-friendly character .

In the selection of the partners of our dogs we expect from these the same qualities. The mating is carefully chosen, and that on the basis of the information known to us .

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